Our Services

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Basic Audio Production

includes background noise reduction, levelling, equalization, compression, mixing in your show intro, outro, and midroll ads and converting to a high-quality MP3 to provide fast downloads for your listeners


Advanced Audio Production

includes everything above, as well as editing out all unwanted parts such as false starts, ummmms, pops, long pauses, heavy breathing, or other recording mistakes, while still keeping the natural flow of the conversation.


Show Notes

Our copywriters will listen to every minute of your episode and create a show title, subtitle, and description of the episode, including all contact information and any affiliate links

Episode Posting

We’ll post the finished episode to your RSS feed with audio and show notes.

Social Media Posts

We will create postings to promote your episode on your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or other social media accounts

Monthly Coaching

Our team makes notes about each episode. Once a month you will have a meeting with one of our podcast experts to discuss suggestions on how to improve your podcast

Podcast newbie?

Just starting out? Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered.

We provide suggestions on:

  • What equipment to buy for your specific podcast
  • Podcast hosting options
  • How to focus your podcast theme and episode topics
  • Ways to find and book interview guests
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